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Case study: Oakman Inns


Oakman Inns opened their doors up over 10-years ago and has established a ‘modern public house’ concept. They operate with very high standards and have won numerous awards and accolades in their sector. Understanding the business set-up, GHM set up cloud-hosted systems in several locations.

The Solution

GHM recommended a cloud-hosted system, this was teamed with easy to use dect handsets for the busy bar/kitchen areas. With a hosted system there is minimal capital outlay required as no major hardware investment is needed, where customers only pay for what they need. The package also includes remote support, so an engineer is always contactable.

The Product

The cloud-hosted solution has all the features of an on-premises system. The business can set up auto attendant (to provide callers with call routing options to different departments), voicemail or call recording. Importantly there is also a business continuity solution in the event of a disaster, where calls can be diverted.

The Benefits

These are the main benefits Oakman Inns are receiving from GHM: –

  • Optional handsets or users can download Android or iOS to make and receive calls.
  • Exceptional quality that delivers the same audio quality as a fixed line.
  • Flexibility to divert numbers, set up voicemail and add new extensions if necessary.
  • Easy to manage administration and deployment.
  • Continued support from GHM Support Desk.

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