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Case study: Wellers


Wellers is an established accountancy firm, with four UK offices. They are relationship-driven and place a unique approach to service delivery. How they communicate with customers was an important factor in delivering the right system.

The Solution

Prior to the install, all four offices had separate systems, with most staff having to be mobile. This resulted in very high monthly costs, no staff visibility and extra resource needed to locate staff. GHM installed a multi-site system that integrates with the Wellers CRM system automatically displaying associated client information for each call. Staff can use mobiles which work as an extension of the main phone system.

The Product

GHM also manage Wellers Network Services, and during installing the phone system, SIP Trunks and Leased Lines were also implemented. This means they are receiving uninterrupted broadband speeds. While moving from ISDN to SIP Trunks, they provide a flexible and scalable communications technology that enables growing businesses to manage communications effectively while saving money.

The Benefits

These are the main benefits Wellers are receiving from GHM: –

  • Integrates the system to their CRM, which automatically displays associated client information for each call.
  • Call lengths are automatically recorded against each client CRM record for more accurate billing and efficient working.
  • Call spend was reduced, saving £45,000.00 over the expected lifetime of the system.
  • Wellers now need only one receptionist, so they now benefit from additional resources.

Customer Feedback

“The solution installed by GHM Communications has delivered real tangible benefits to Wellers. We now can work from any location using a single sign on. We can quickly see any users’ availability at any time at any location. The solution integrates with our internal CRM system allowing staff to deal with clients more efficiently and book associated time to accounts. The savings and efficiencies have been significant.”

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